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Different departments for particular healthcare and treatments in Subham Hospital are not only categorised according to complete care of various health issues, but they are also equipped with all the necessary materials for all those treatments, done in the hands of renowned and skilled doctors who have spent long time in achieving the experience and expertise in relative fields. The other medical staffs are appointed only after we are fully satisfied about their proficiency in treating the patients well. Let’s have a thorough look over all the healthcare departments in our hospital.



Our department of cardiology is blessed with some famous personality in the field of cardiac treatments. Experienced staffs have been teamed up with modern method of treatment to provide you the best service. Heart related diseases are very sensitive cases, and we have good reputation in that matter.

Neurology & Neuro-Surgery

Thorough and state-of-art cure of those diseases which occurs in any part of the nervous system like brain, spinal cord etc. Comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation for headache, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, stroke and other nerve related disorders are done with utmost care.


Our state-of-art healthcare centre, Subham Hospital, in Coochbehar region is known for its sincerity in all the treatments. One of them is the department of orthopaedics, which is a medicinal field for treatment of musculoskeletal system, especially spine, joints and muscles.


The issues with stomach, intestine and other parts of digestive system like colon, liver, pancreas are treated and cured in gastroenterology medical department of our healthcare centre. Our doctors are specialised in early detection and prevention of gastro-intestinal disease.


The well-being of our health starts with a healthy oral condition. And for that, our teeth must be strong and regularly cleaned. The dental department of our hospital takes care of all the teeth related issues and provide comprehensive treatment and check-up facility for dental disease.


ENT stands for ear, nose and throat and the ENT medical treatments are performed to cure each and every smaller and bigger issue related to those three parts of the body. Our ENT department provides a high range of such service with standardised care.

General & Neuro Medicine

The internal medicine department of Subham Hospital is providing medicines to prevent, diagnose and treat several diseases. This department takes care of all the facilities that come under general medicine service along with the requirement of neuro medicine service.

General Surgery

Our general surgery department primarily focuses on all types of general surgeries including stomach, gallbladder, pancreas, liver, thyroid gland, skin, hernias, soft tissue, breast, vascular contents etc. Whether it is a cardiac surgery or paediatric or other surgeries, our professional doctors have expertise in all the fields.


This branch of medicine in Subham Hospital deals with relieving the pain of anaesthesia and other medical treatments. We are following whole modern treatment for this department too along with others.


The specialised department of dermatology in Subham Hospital has been made to deal with the issues of skin, nail and hair. Previously people had to go out of station for such treatments, but now we are providing this service in our hospital.


No need to search for a good healthcare centre regarding nephrology treatments. This department is provided to cure any type of problems with your kidneys. Complete treatment, dialysis and transplant on requirement are done by experts.


Subham Hospital has brought excellent urology treatment options. From diagnosing an urology disorder to performing the procedures, this department is proficient in providing support to any type of clinical urology care.


Emergency Care

We have a section where the primary and emergency treatments are done Qualified staffs of emergency management system


Like all other departments, diagnostic centre of Shubham Hospital is stuffed with advanced machines and run by

Outdoor Checkup

There is an outdoor treatment zone or section in Shubham Hospital for regular health checkups of different disease


Physiotherapy is the bunch of services to cure, develop, maintain and restore the proper and maximum physical ability

Blood Bank

Blood is provided from the blood bank of Shubham Hospital as per availability. Both in cases of critical condition


All kind of drugs and surgical materials are available in the pharmacy section of Shubham Hospital

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